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Re: Profile in Planted Aquaria Magazine

At 03:48 PM 2/14/01 -0500, Lobos wrote:
>In the PAM issue where you post Jamie Johnson's
>article on the analysis of substrates, was the Profile
>you used the old Profile (finer material with grey
>matter in it) or the new Profile (which is actually
>Turface)?  From the description in the article it
>sounds as though the old Profile was analyzed.  If
>this is true I take it the Turface valves are what
>should be used for the new Profile.

Yes to both.   Not to late to subscribe to Planted Aquaria and get on the 
list for the Spring 2001 issue with a great article on Sri Lankan crypts by 
Jan Bastmeijer, with a review of CO2 and light interaction by Claus C and a 
couple of his buddies, and Brad Metz on Anubius metabolism (why fish don't 
eat them).

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