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Re: Additional learning


You wrote:  Anyone have advanced knowledge about chain stores that carry
dark, 3-4mm gravel cheap?

--Look to an outdoor gardening or landscaping businesses for quality
substrate rock for cheap.  I purchase some very earthy brown rock for
about $2 for a 5g bucket full, enough to do a 55g aquarium to a depth of
about 4".  They have a pretty varied selection.

If drift wood is too big to boil, can you soak it in bleach-water in,
say, a
bathtub?  If so how long? How much bleach?

--I'd say that you should forget about using bleach.  Even if the
driftwood is already waterlogged, it can still take up some of the
bleach and rinsing might not remove it.

Just give the whole thing a good scrub to remove any loose debris and
then if you feel the need a good rubdown with some salt and then a few
hours soak in the hottest water you can generate.