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Additional learning at the knees of the masters is needed

Masters and other aquatic learners,

First, thanks many times over for the help already offered as well as the
friendships begun. I have a few more areas of ignorance.

Is a halogen light a type of metal halide? Are these worth considering?

Is the Japanese Rush plant able to do well submerged in circa 77* water?

Just curious, when do you folks turn the lites on your tank on and off? If
you have 12 hours each way, you miss your tanks in the am or ... Does it
hurt to turn lites on for 15 minutes or so during the off times?

Does anyone know where and how much to pay for 50 lbs of Schultz substrate?
My local Walmart dept manager is looking into this for me.

Anyone have advanced knowledge about chain stores that carry dark, 3-4mm
gravel cheap?

If drift wood is too big to boil, can you soak it in bleach-water in, say, a
bathtub?  If so how long? How much bleach? Will my wife kill me quickly or
torture me first?

Thanks one more time folks,

Paul the NoleDoc
Living and learning in the heart of
the beautiful NE Tennessee Smokies.