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Re: filtration questions, Fluval

Michael Grace wrote: <snipped>

> First of all, a 304 on a 38 gallon is pretty aggressive IMO.
And K9AUB at aol_com wrote: <snipped>

> A gentle water flow is all that's needed.  A 304 on a 38g is much more than
> enough filtration.

To which I add:

These statements may be true for orthodox planted tanks, but are certainly
not true in general. Many fish come from fast moving streams, and do best in
tanks with rapid water flow. Like fish, many plants are also well adapted to
rapidly flowing water, and it IS possible to maintain a successful plant
tank under conditions of vigorous flow. As an example, I use a Fluval 303
AND a strong powerhead on a 30 gal planted tank housing several Loricariids
(plecos, etc.).