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Re: Shrimp densities/cost

> From: weltschmerz at po_pacific.net.sg
> Subject: Re: japonica

> i have 80 in my 70g . . . and i only see at most 10 at a time . . . they
> tend to come out en masse about 9pm, tho . . .
> over here in singapore, we get them for 50 cents SGD ea . . . guess the
> airfreight charges do accumulate :) . . .

I can get them here in lots of 100 for 75$ or .75cents each. Over 2.50ea and
your getting ripped off. As you can see other folks DO have high densities
of these shrimp and they will tell you that they do indeed pick the tank
bare. They need fed but will still pick everything also. At densities of one
a gallon, algae really doesn't stand a chance. But the best deal for algae
eaters is and will always be the snail. Put a bunch of shrimp in the
beginning and you will have few algae problems. Nice thing is they don't
bother your Riccia stones(Flagfish, barbs) or Rotala wallichii(SAE's) like
some critters. Neither will snails. They turn over your gravel nicely from
all that picking so nothing builds up on the surface too much and so some of
that detritus gets moved below.

For breeding you might try adding a large mesh net to keep the female away
from the fry. I've always had lots of full gravid females but I have not
ever really gotten any fry but I have not tried much either.
Tom Barr