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Re: Red/Orange Algae

>> From: Dave Kotschi <dkotschi at mindspring_com>

>>Subject: Red/Orange Algae
>>I've got something I haven't seen discussed here yet.  On 
>>the back of my 90 gallon tank I've got some algae growing 
>>that is a bright red/orange.  Best viewing is from the side at 
>>about a 45 angle.  I've seen this before.  If my memory serves
>>me correctly, the algae will be green again in a day or two.   
>>I assure you the color is not reflected from something else.  
>>Anyone have any ideas?

> I usually see this with an decent size excess of Nitrogen in the tank, or
> sometimes with general nutrient imbalance (ie. breaking a tank in).  It
> usually goes away within a week.
> Mark P.

Dave, isn't that stuff crazy looking? I've never seen a Red/orange 
algae in any of my tanks, for years and years, until late last year. It 
slowly started growing in my African rift tank and covered 
everything that was in the light path. My wife and I stood in total 
amazement for several days as it grew and got very pretty. It had to 
go, though, but still was the most attractive algae I've seen in a 
home aquarium. I changed 25-30% for the next several days, 
skipping a day between changes. Come to find out, my NO3, as 
well as PO4, was a lot higher than I normally tolerate. NO3 levels 
were ~ 50ppm if I remember correctly. In a week to a week and a 
half, it was all gone, with no residual signs of it. The inhabitants nor 
myself was very fond of harvesting it, so it must of left as easily as 
it appeared. Enjoy it's added color while it's there, but like Paul 
said, it's probably just an imbalance of nutrients. 
Jamie    <"\\\><
Greenwood, SC