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Re: japonica

hmmm . . . i don't think Mr. Takashi likes to gnaw on cuttlebone all that 
much tho LOL . . .

amano shrimp ime tend to jump, but they don't crawl all that often . . . 
when the water is cycling (i have no idea why you leave them in there) or 
when you have poor water conditions, especially if you treat with copper 
meds . . . they WILL commit suicide in droves . . .

i have 80 in my 70g . . . and i only see at most 10 at a time . . . they 
tend to come out en masse about 9pm, tho . . .

over here in singapore, we get them for 50 cents SGD ea . . . guess the 
airfreight charges do accumulate :) . . .


>Cuttlebone (as used for caged birds,
>weighted as veggies, done with rubber band and rock) works
>fine for snails, but I don't know if Amano's mouthparts are
>strong enough for this material.
> >Are these shrimp inclined to "crawl" out?
>Absolutely.  Don't take any chances.
> >Also, I have
> >seen three at a time, however normally only one - are
> >they reclusive?
>Mostly nocturnal.  They usually only come out if the
>pickings (algae) are slim.  I have 15, but rarely see
>more than 2 at a time.
> >These shrimp cost $3.59 at a LFS
>Whoah!  You're getting ripped off big time.  That's
>about double what I paid for mine.  I've even seen
>them for as little as 1.29
>Later, Cavan

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