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Re: PC lighting at Home Depot

Larry, I have several of the PC lighting items from Home Depot. Some are the
screw-in bulb type to replace traditional bulbs. I also installed a couple
small size (about 1/2 sq. foot) low profile 13W under cabinet fixtures.

To use them as general illumination for your home they are great.  But I
took the under cabinet fixture and placed it over a 5G tank out of
curiosity. I _hated_ the way that it influenced color in the tank.
Everything was yello! Not just a little bit either. It looked like I hadn't
changed any water in decades ;)

For planted tanks I'd go with the AH Supply stuff. I've heard terrific
things about those setups both on and off list.


> Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001 20:58:59 -0500
> From: Larry and Lynn Fecich <bit64 at isrv_com>

> Has anyone tried the PC lighting at Home Depot? It seems like an
> inexpensive way to get 'power compact'  lighting over a small tank. Some of
> the lights come with an adapter that screws into a standard incandescent
> socket, apparently it has some kind of ballast built in with a very low
> profile... I believe it may fit into an old hood that I have. I just paid
> about $34 for ballasts, wiring, and bulbs (2 X 13W) from AHSupply, but I
> could have done the same from Home Depot for about $18 (2 X 13W). You could
> buy the adapter for incandescent to PC for $7, or with the bulb for $9.