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Marc Weiss

>Back in the old days with Marc Weiss first >released
.the Coral Vital in the
>States, he also released Cactus Vital (for
>terrestrial cactus use) in the
>UK.  And he made sure that the 2 countries don't see
>the other (ie: wrong)
>product.  Go figure.  May be it is an one-for-all
>magic tonic for all living

You have no idea how right you are! I had some Coral
Vital that I accidentally spilled on a shirt of mine
that I was about to throw out because it had a big
blood stain on it. The Coral Vital took the stain out
instantly. I figured with these cleaning properties it
would make a great shampoo, but when I used it, it not
only cleaned my head, but it grew back hair that I
haven't had in years. Since then I have used it for a
number of purposes from first aid to paint thinning
and it succeeded in every venture. I've never felt so
young and my sex life is better than ever. Thank you

(The previous was a paid advertisement for Marc Weiss
products - celebrity voice impersonated.) 

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