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Re:GH ratios & Mg

> "In 90% of all natural waterbodys, GH is bigger then KH.
> The KH is normally 80% of GH.
> The condition KH bigger then GH is undesirable and switches the
> Ionen spectrum physiological."
> Krause-Aquarium Water

Roger has opposite ratio of GH/KH waters that I do. I have moderate KH's and
high GH's.
Comparing the natural ecosystems to our planted system is not analogous. It
therefore should be taken with a grain of salt. It certainly is not "proof"
or even a "trend". Would not hurt either in this case. 80% would be fine but
strict adherence is not needed.

High GH water and lower KH ranges(3 and above) do not and will not cause
issues concerning growth.
My own tap has a KH of about 7. The GH is about 24 or so.
The GH/KH of another tap was about 2:1. It did extremely well.
I have seen no correlation to this ratio in planted tanks. More GH seems
actually seems to be better for certain plants but plants don't seem to care
much either way as long as there enough GH/KH.

One area that I have not explored in tanks is playing with the Ca/Mg ratio
in GH. Ca certainly doesn't cause issues unless too low. I'm not so sure
about the Mg part. An offhand guess would be like K & Ca which don't too
much as long as there's enough of it. Excess will cause no problems. That's
a guess though. Don't have a Mg kit around but I've thought about doing some
testing with it. Steve Dixon had mentioned this at one point to me and it
seems worth exploring perhaps..........Comments here?
Tom Barr