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Health of C. japonica

While I've lurked and learned for quite some time, I finally have a question
that I couldn't find the answer to in the archives.

I realize that this isn't strictly related to aquatic plants, but I believe
this group of people are the most experienced in Amano shrimp.

What special care do I need to give the shrimp that would be different from
the care of fish? I realize that invertibrates typically need a source of
calcium for maintaning their shells. My tap water is fairly hard, and they
get regular partial water changes. Is this enough, or should I add a Ca

Do they also need a source of iodine? If so, do they get it from their diet?
I doubt they would from the algae they eat, but they go nuts for frozen
brine shrimp or bloodworms (food for the freshwater gobies they share the
tank with). Or, do I need to occasionally add a bit of iodine?

Any other dietary needs I should be aware of?

So far, my shrimp all seem healthy. They are growing and molting, and one of
the larger ones is carrying a bunch of eggs around with her. I'm going to
try moving her to an isolation tank to see if I can get some more shrimp!
Anyone with ideas on how to raise baby shrimp?