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OK...Who's Eating My Crypts?


Something is eating my Crypts. They seem to start at the tips and work
their way down. I have not seen anyone near them during the daytime doing
anything more than cruising looking for algae. Here is the list of
inhabitants: rummy nose tetra's, white clouds, SAE(true, I believe), oto's,
5" farowella, very small red whiptail catfish, cories, MTS,  a few
volunteer snails...pond?, and some no-name shrimp.

The damage has been increasing as my algae problems have been subsiding. I
have been dosing with ingredients from PMDD as needed plus adding some
Barley Extract. Algae is subsiding daily, even the nasty staghorn stuff. My
guess is that with less algae to eat some of the inhabitants are looking

Any guesses, ideas, strategies? Do any of you with successful algae
strategies have problems with plant eating. I do not mind feeding a little
to the fish but I really love the Crypts...

Thanks a lot,


PS.  Can anyone suggest a place for me to post some photos of my tank. I
have use of a digital camera so I thought that I would like to post a link
to a few pictures. The tank is doing well thanks mostly to what I have
learned on APD and from member web sites...


           Paul Mouritsen.....mourip @ erols.com

     If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans...