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Re: DIY CO2 for 10G

Ellen O'Connel wrote:

> My 2 liter DIY CO2 setup provides the right amount of CO2 for my 20G tank.
> If I set up a 10, what would be the best way to cut the CO2 production
> appropriately?  Find a 1 liter bottle and cut everything in half?  Less
> yeast or less sugar in the same-sized container?  Thanks for any
> ideas/experiences.

I use 1-quart bottles for mine.  They work just fine.  If you're mixing
the solution one liter at a time then just cut the recipe in half.

Mixing up such a small batch of sugar water (with whatever else you
might add) can be a pain.  I have 2 10-gallon tanks, so in my case I
just make a half-gallon batch and split it in two.  You might be able to
make yours in batches larger than a liter and store the excess in the
refrigerator until it's needed.  When it's time, take it out, warm it up
(a microwave oven would serve well), add yeast, mix and wait.  Instant
CO2.  Sortof.

I haven't done this myself, so consider it a suggestion for an

Roger Miller