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RE: Re: Marc Weiss carbonator product

  >Subject: Re: Marc Weiss carbonator product

Back in the old days with Marc Weiss first released the Coral Vital in the
States, he also released Cactus Vital (for terrestrial cactus use) in the
UK.  And he made sure that the 2 countries don't see the other (ie: wrong)
product.  Go figure.  May be it is an one-for-all magic tonic for all living
organisms.  Since then we have discontinued selling all MW products.  Also,
there is a small ad in FAMA (Freshwater & Marine Aquarium) by Kent Marine
dedicated to MW's products.  It is titled as 'Reef Soup' or something like
that.  It is very funny and has been in every FAMA issue for a few years