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Re: Marc Weiss carbonator product

I want to thank all you guys who have spoken on this topic. I was
suckered for too long by the claims made for these products. 

I had to stop using them for financial reasons and also due to those
reasons I let my maintenance slip also. For way too long. Some plants I
thought were dead and gone. 

When I resumed maintenance a few months ago I decided to eliminate these
miracle elixirs(Living Water and Amazon River Vitals) and see how it
went. No results to speak of as far as plant growth.  
I did use Leaf Zone and Seachem Iron. Still no results. Hehe...you know
what's coming, right?

Started adding yeast generated CO2. Upped my wattage to 3watts/gallon.
Katie bar the door! Plant growth and appearance are spectacular to say
the least. 

Still tweaking and I know I need to get a handle on the nutrient thing,
but for now I have awesome growth and the only algae is the occasional
green dot and the hazy green stuff(the plecs like it) on the glass. What
the plecs don't eat only takes a swipe with the twister magnets to
remove maybe once a week. Hair algae plague nonexistent and BBA in hasty

Moral of the story: There is no need for a 'magic bullet(the Vitals) if
you get the basics right! And you can do it for less $$$.