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Re: Marc Weiss "carbonator" product

Tim  wrote:

> The article makes a case for the Marc Weiss Co. "Natural Aquarium Vital"
> "carbonator" product as a better choice than CO2 injection for planted tanks
> with fish. The article contends that CO2 is a metabolic waste product of
> fishes and is toxic to them. It suggests that CO2 is an immunosuppresant,
> causing respiratory stress, osmotic imbalances and other pathologies.

Sure, in sufficient quantities, CO2 is bad for fish.  I don't know much
about immunosuppressant qualities of CO2, but I'm pretty sure that
stress *is* a major immunosuppressant and that most fish are less
stressed in a well planted and maintained aquarium with CO2 than they
are in a bare tank without added CO2.  Does adding snake oil further
reduce stress?  Beats me.

A lot of people on this list have relatively sensitive fish leading long
and healthy lives in CO2-augmented tanks.  They might be willing to
dispute Marc Weiss' claims.

> The
> article also suggests that the often-photographed "Asian natural aquariums"
> are hostile environments to fish. As an alternative, Marc Weiss offers their
> product, which they classify as an optically active conductive polymer
> (OACP). Among other claims, this product is reported to offer "liquid,
> time-released CO2 production as needed..."

Their product sounds (conceptually, anyway) similar to SeaChem's Excel. 
I recently saw another similar product (unknown brand) at a local fish
store.   I can't say whether or not the products actually work. 
Assuming for a moment that they do work, I'm pretty sure that their
cost-effectiveness would turn out low, low, low compared to CO2.
> Are Marc Weiss products generally well regarded?

Marc Weiss products usually come up on this list in exactly this
context.  They make apparently exaggerated claims and offer mysterious
solutions, and people write in asking if it's all real.  I've never used
any of their products and probably never will, so I can't tell you
whether or not they work.
If I were in the market for that sort of product then I would put my
money behind a brand that is a little more straightforward about what
they sell and what it does.

Roger Miller