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Re: C02 filter

From: kristiananderson at att_net
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2001 02:25:02 +0000
Subject: C02 filter

> Just found out about and signed on to your listserve today and have already
> learned something!
> Quick question- I've just set up an el-cheapo CO2 system (coke bottle,
> yeast, sugar) and am getting about 1 bubble every 1-2 seconds.  I am using
> standard tubing and have it feeding into an aquaclear 200 filter in a 30
> gallon freshwater tank.  I can see the bubble rising to the top and
> bursting.  The question is, is this really working and will it make a
> difference or should I adjust the system somehow?  (Save buying an expensive
> injection system!)  Any info would be appreciated.
> Kris

Hi Kris. It's working so far as making CO2 goes, but not so far as getting
it into your water. I don't understand how you can see the bubble rise and
burst if it feeds into the Aquaclear 200 intake, but no matter...that filter
is not a cannister filter, so feeding your CO2 in there won't work very
well, since most of the gas just escapes before it dissolves. You need a
reactor of some sort, such as an inverted cup or jar in the water. Let the
CO2 bubble under the jar, and it will dissolve into the water from there.

Also, minimize surface turbulance as much as possible where the Aquaclear
200 returns to the tank by placing some sort of diffusing material there. A
strip of plastic or filter foam attached between the lip of the filter and
the water surface, for example, will reduce the escape of CO2 by minimizing
the turbulence where the filter water re-enters the tank.


Dan Dixon