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Marc Weiss "carbonator" product

Has anyone reviewed the Marc Weiss Co. discussion of CO2 injection in their
"Water Marc" (Vol. 2) publication? If not it can be found at

The article makes a case for the Marc Weiss Co. "Natural Aquarium Vital"
"carbonator" product as a better choice than CO2 injection for planted tanks
with fish. The article contends that CO2 is a metabolic waste product of
fishes and is toxic to them. It suggests that CO2 is an immunosuppresant,
causing respiratory stress, osmotic imbalances and other pathologies. The
article also suggests that the often-photographed "Asian natural aquariums"
are hostile environments to fish. As an alternative, Marc Weiss offers their
product, which they classify as an optically active conductive polymer
(OACP). Among other claims, this product is reported to offer "liquid,
time-released CO2 production as needed..."

Are Marc Weiss products generally well regarded?

Does anyone have any knowledge of, experience with, or opinions regarding
this specific product?