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Re: stargrass

> > 2.  My stargrass is getting a bit blackened.  The
> > black is in little streaks in the leaves.  It may have
> > something to do with the Zoomed bulbs, under which
> > most of it is growing.  Maybe not.  This is a
> > beautiful plant, and I hate to see this.  It still
> > grows pretty rapidly.  I'm wonedering if some other
> > plant is fighting it chemically.  This blackening has
> > come and gone.  It was the reason I got rid of most of
> > it awhile ago.  It was growing normally for a while
> > before this started to happen again.
> It's a fast growing plant. You need to keep up with pruning and keeping
> NO3 at decent level. I've done well from 3000-8000K growing it. Fast
> will show signs of nutrient deficiency first. You may just need to add
> CO2. If you add lots of distilled water what do think your KH will be
> sometime? Even at a pH of 6.8....if your less than 2KH, your in the red so
> to speak. My bet is CO2. It's always the first place to look if you ever
> have a problem. Especially with Yeast CO2. If you have NO3's then it's the
> CO2. Adding some tap water and keeping the pH at 6.8 and a KH of 4 will
> solve what ails thee. Try it and see. You have plenty of fish so the NO3
> P should be okay even if low. Test the KH and see.
> Regards,
> Tom Barr

Ok, so I neglected to read on before I sent my reply.  Can you tell that I'm
just catching up on my digests after a busy week?  This is the stargrass
problem that I was talking about, which I keep in check by keeping it
clipped low.  I gues the tips are just more resilient.  And no, I don't add
CO2.  At least, I don't hook up my soda bottle with any consistency.

Alysoun McLaughlin
Wheaton, MD