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RE: purposeful algae bloom

I have had green water in all three of my planted tanks (1 time each). The 
first two I dealt with by doing large water changes for a period of time. A 
LFS owner had been encouraging me to try a UV sterilizer on the tanks for the 
green water. I was resistant, preferring to try to deal with the cause 
instead of the symptom, but when the it happened on my new 90 gallon I 
decided to try it. Hooked up a portable (hang on type) 15 watt unit and ran 
it for 5 days at a very slow rate (104 gph powerhead). Cleared up the water 
and it has not returned in two weeks, knock on wood. I was afraid that by 
using a UV the green water would just return when I removed the sterilizer 
from the tank (I would not use it on a continuous basis), but this does not 
seem to be the case. Easiest way I have found so far.