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Re: How long do I leave the UGF?

I recently got a canister filter that is a bit oversized for my tank (a 
Fluval 304 for a 38 gallon tank).  I did this to replace my UGF.  I got a 
larger canister because I am trying to plan ahead.  I can see already that my 
tank is to small for all I would like to do.  I want the canister filter to 
fit the NEXT tank I get.

My question is this.  How long do I leave the UGF in place?  Between the new 
canister filter and the powerhead on the UGF, there is more flow than the 
fish probably want.  I figured I needed to leave the UGF in place until good 
bacteria is well established in the canister filter.  Would a month do it, or 
should I wait longer?  I am running the canister filter with the materials 
that came with it -- plus some floss.  The water is much clearer than it ever 
was with the UGF, an obvious difference.

Thanks for your advice,