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Re: Algae bloom

> Subject: purposeful algal bloom
> I recently talked with a guy who sets up plant tanks
> for a living.  He told me that he purposefully starts
> an algal bloom in every tank he sets up (pea soup).
> The addition of multiple ocats and amano shrimp are
> used to control algae.  He has never had a problem
> with algae in any of his tanks.

Green water is very easy(easiest) to get rid of and does no harm to the
plants(except for blocking the light etc). It is also easy to induce. I do
not believe it's needed in any way though to prevent other algae. They  just
need more plants from the start. Algae, GW, will do if you don't have enough
plants. That is what's happening. You can use plants in the exact same way.
Many folks do that every time also. Most folks try to avoid all types of
algae as a goal and use plants. GW is not a particularly troublesome kind
though and fits the bill sometimes. Personally, I try to use plants but it's
not a big issue if GW happens either. At home I have the control to pick
which method I want. Problems with maintaining a tank from a distance can
cause some to give up and just let the algae run it's course. GW does not
prevent other types from appearing though, although they do compete, but so
do plants. Plants are still quite needed and more helps in all cases.
> Furthermore he told me in pictures showing Amano's
> work, he has seen tanks in full algal bloom.
> Apparently amano does the same thing.  Maybe some
> nutrient is consumed during this process which makes
> algae easier to control later.

Well it prevents other harder to deal with algae from moving in and GW likes
low nutrient (oligotrophic) along with diatoms(brown algae). Otto's will eat
the browns like no tomorrow. Shrimps will eat most of the other types of
> maybe this is old news, but I hadn't really heard
> about it.  I've never had an algal bloom in my tanks,
> though I hear some have it during setup (not
> purposefully).

I'm sure his customers are not too thrilled when it happens though. But it
does go away and is not bad afterwards:) Just some extra work for one-2
visits. Main thing when setting up a new tank is to get as many plants in
good shape as you can. this is not easy and folks always underestimate how
much plant mass they need for a new tank.
> Also, I wonder how many people on the list (what
> percentage) are actually using shrimp for algae control.

I do. Problem is...some fish like them for food!
Tom Barr