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Re: MH lighting


I have built two DIY systems,  a dual 175w and a 250w. I dont care how
many points you assign, but you didnt assign any points to time spent
running around to get the stuff, the gas used, the phone, the time on
the phone nor the time spent to build it. You also missed the
enclosure for the ballast, the wire and some sort of quick disconnect
(for saftey). I am willing to be you could have bought a PFO retrofit
kit from any of the top online marine supply houses for about the same
cost, a lot less hassle and gotten a better quality product. Just as
an example you can get a 175w MH with 55K bulbs from
www.premiumaquatics.com for 163.00 or the 10K bulb is 207.00 just plug
and go. I dont think you can DIY for much cheaper that.

Keith in Kalamazoo
No affliation and the other disclaimers inserted here.

: Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 22:45:11 +0100
: From: "Colin Gorton" <colingorton at wanadoo_es>
: Subject: Re: MH lighting
: I'm just in the process of finishing a home built MH setup, and I
: thought you might be interested in the cost savings:
: I've had a good look at all the commercially available setups and
: cheapest comes out at around 23,000pts (it doesn't matter what a pt
: worth, this is a comparison). I thought that this was a bit steep,
so I
: looked at the cost of a ballast (5900pts), bulb (3000pts) and bulb
: holder (1200pts) giving, so far, a grand total of 9,200pts. I'm
: looking for a suitable reflector, but don't expect to fork out more
: 1000pts for that, and I'll need to put some form of glass protector,
: case of lamp failure, in front of the bulb. In addition, I'm