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Re: canister spray bars, gravel vac reactor


I would suggest injecting the CO2 into the intake of the filter.  Let the
canister filter be your reactor.  Set your spray bar a couple inches under
the surface and point it downward, or run it at the bottom and point it
forward.  This should be pretty efficient and you won't need to clutter the
tank with the gravel vac reactor.

Now for those of us that don't have a canister filter and happen to use a
gravel vac style reactor, here is how I dealt with the circulation issue.  I
use an old 20 ounce (I think) water bottle.  The opening and neck happen to
fit the fitting from my powerhead normally intended to connect to a reverse
flow undergravel filter tube.  The bottle fits fairly well but I also use a
small plastic rivet to ensure it doesn't come apart.  I cut a hole near the
bottom on the side of the bottle that accepts a 1/2 inch hose barb.  I then
use a short piece of 1/2 inch hose to extend the output beyond the plants
that hide the whole thing and spray the water toward the opposite corner of
the tank.  Of course there are many variations you could use to divert the
output where you like, but the idea is to divert it to the side instead of
just down.  Works for me, and I don't need another powerhead or something
for circulation.  By the way, this is the only _filtration_ this tank (55
gal) has.  Hopefully it's food for thought.

Mike Grace
In Minneapolis where we're expected to get a foot of snow in the next few

Jon Hammond wrote:

I just got a new eheim professional 2224 and was wandering do you use a
spray bar and how ? along the top under the surface or down along the back ?

At the moment I the outlet goign straight into my c02 "mixer" (essentially a
gravel vac head where the co2 bubbles into the bottom and the inlet water
moves down and it all mixes and churn togetehr till the c02 dissolves).  But
I am getting no noticable flow with this.. I have another smaller little
internal filter which is rated at 200l/hr but it seems to fast for my tank.

Should I setup a spray bar type arrangement ? or keep it how it is with not
much current in the tank at all ?

Jon Hammond
Perth, Western Australia