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Re: Shrimp

That seems like an awful lot to me, unless I am missing something.  I don't expect that
you would find this type of concentration in the wild, though you would also likely not
find the same number of plants in such close proximity in the wild.  It seems like you
would be seeing them all over the place and it would look somewhat like an infestation
rather than a planned addition.

Any thoughts?

Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:

> I will soon secure delivery on a good number of amano
> shrimp.  My question is what plants are susceptible to
> shrimp once the algae supply has largely been
> exhausted?  A friend of mine couldn't grow
> Heteranthera zosterfolia (stargrass) in his tank
> without the shrimp pretty much devastating it.  What
> would be a good number of shrimp to place in a heavily
> planted 75g?

40-75, they will eat plants only when forced/starved. Give them some food!


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