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Snail tale

Hi all,

There have been several posts of late about "Rams Horn
Snails" and their ability to remove a certain type of
algae. I have a small amount of the type of algae that
"peels" off in sheets. It mainly grows on leaves
however at one end of the tank, it grows on the glass
and "carpets" a section of gravel. It's primarily
caused (in my tank) by sunlight from a nearby window
(never happens in winter or during rainy weeks between
water changes). There's not much, but enough for me to
get sick of peeling it manually or vacuuming it during
water changes. Given the unreliability of common names
between states, let alone countries, can anyone tell
me the scientific name please and/or a link to a
picture. For Australian list members (in particular
Brisbane), is this common name the same used here ?
Thank-you very much.

Brisbane, Australia

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