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Re: Problems

> The problems:
> 1.  A bit of hair algae has begun to appear since I
> put in the PCF (2 weeks after).  No algae could be
> found before this.  Almost all of it is on the
> stargrass.  The rest of the tank is still fairly
> clean.  What should I do to solve this and stop it
> from getting worse? More P?  Would this also make
> feathery plants grow more compact?

CO2. Check it. You added more lighting so your going to need to add more
CO2. It's easy to do with canned CO2, not so easy with yeast. Your also
going to need to add more nutrients but I doubt P is one of them if your tap
has plenty already. Add some tap water and crank up your CO2. Do a good old
water change and scape off all the algae you can and add another CO2 yeast
bottle etc or up the amount of yeast/sugarmix get a bigger bottle for the
brew find a better method of adding CO2 into solution etc.
> 2.  My stargrass is getting a bit blackened.  The
> black is in little streaks in the leaves.  It may have
> something to do with the Zoomed bulbs, under which
> most of it is growing.  Maybe not.  This is a
> beautiful plant, and I hate to see this.  It still
> grows pretty rapidly.  I'm wonedering if some other
> plant is fighting it chemically.  This blackening has
> come and gone.  It was the reason I got rid of most of
> it awhile ago.  It was growing normally for a while
> before this started to happen again.

It's a fast growing plant. You need to keep up with pruning and keeping the
NO3 at decent level. I've done well from 3000-8000K growing it. Fast growers
will show signs of nutrient deficiency first. You may just need to add more
CO2. If you add lots of distilled water what do think your KH will be after
sometime? Even at a pH of 6.8....if your less than 2KH, your in the red so
to speak. My bet is CO2. It's always the first place to look if you ever
have a problem. Especially with Yeast CO2. If you have NO3's then it's the
CO2. Adding some tap water and keeping the pH at 6.8 and a KH of 4 will
solve what ails thee. Try it and see. You have plenty of fish so the NO3 and
P should be okay even if low. Test the KH and see.
Tom Barr
> Thanks, Cavan