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RE: Metal Halide - can you have too much light ?

Jon asked about 175 watt versus 250 watt MH over a 3 foot tank.

I have tried both over a 36x18x24 tank, about 60 gallons. I started with the
175, then moved up to the 250, and I'm about to drop back to 175. I think
the 250 watt is too much. The tank is far less stable than it was with the
175 watt. I now have to run it on a split photoperiod (5 on, 4 off, 5 on) to
prevent green water episodes. When it is in the sweet spot it's beautiful,
but it is just too touchy. Everything grows straight up - crypts and swords
all look the same.

I had a Coralife 5500K 175 watt and switched to the 250 so I could get the
Iwasaki 6500K lamp. Much as I dislike Coralife products, it looks like I'm
stuck with it for the 175 watt. I tried the Venture lamp from Champion, it's
way too yellow for me. My LFS believes they can get a Tunze 175 5400K with a
Mogul base. I haven't seen that lamp advertised, so I'll see.

Austin, Texas