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Re:Riccia and shrimp

> I will soon secure delivery on a good number of amano
> shrimp.  My question is what plants are susceptible to
> shrimp once the algae supply has largely been
> exhausted?  A friend of mine couldn't grow
> Heteranthera zosterfolia (stargrass) in his tank
> without the shrimp pretty much devastating it.  What
> would be a good number of shrimp to place in a heavily
> planted 75g?

40-75, they will eat plants only when forced/starved. Give them some food!
Sinking algae wafers/stick work super and they will eat them like the greedy
little boogers that they are. I have had shrimps and most every plant. They
don't go after a particular plant unless you force them to (Stargrass). I've
had the combination of the two and they did not cause an issue, none on any
plant for that matter unlike many other algae cleaning critters (Rosey barbs
shedding one's Ricca/moss and a few others come to mind). They need food
besides just algae though. Don't be scared to add food, they will eat it.
> What fish will eat amano shrimp?  I have a few glass
> shrimp living with 5 angels but my guess is that they
> are not long for this world.  Have these shrimp been
> known to attack any fish?  Go after egg nests?  Thanks.

Depending on the size, Angels will like a meal of shrimp. Some loaches will,
but if the shrimp are in good condition and larger they can live with many
types of fish. Adding the fish after the shrimps and feeding both animals
well will certainly minimize this potential. My shrimps are quite active and
almost agressive towards the fish. As far fish eggs, I think most are asking
for it with snail/shrimp in their tanks. Sure you can breed fish, but you
will always take a risk in doing so and losing some fry. I'll take that risk
myself since I also want a nice looking plant tank.
Tom Barr