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RE: Sand (was RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #823)

>I wonder for how long they get those results
>though, and would like to hear from people that have kept sand-based
>substrates for a long time, say more than 2-3 years, without facing
>compaction/anoxic situations.

Since you asked...

I haven't touched one area (about 2 foot x 1 foot strip) of my tanks
substrate in over 5 years. It is a crypt area. The bottom 2 inches of the
substrate is sand. I've been watching the crypts roots grow into the sand
through the front glass. It isn't compacted enough to stop them.

In the areas where I do move things around, I still see roots reach the
bottom, and have to extricate them from around the cables now and then.

Jon Wilson