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Re: amano shrimp

I have 16 shrimp in my 30 gallon tank.  12 Caridina
japonica and 4 of a similar species.  Until recently,
I had no algae at all (something for an upcoming post,
but still very little).  I also have an SAE and 4
ottos.  This has worked well.  

I think they may nibble on Mayaca a bit, but it always
grows fast enough to outgrow any damage.  Mine have
not damaged stargrass or anything else.  You can feed
them flake food with a turkey baster if algae is
scarce.  They will climb onto the end of the tube and
start grabbing flakes.  It's funny to see.  

So, I'd say that 30-40 would probably do it for a 75.
Oh yeah, I have not seen any conflicts with fish. 
Large tetras and apistos have left them alone, and
vice versa.  Completely harmonious.  I dont know about
big angels though...

Later, Cavan

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