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Heat Cables

>Hello Ivo: 
	>You mentioned that you are planning to install substrate cables.
Might I inquire what cables you are thinking of using?
	>I too would like to use cables in my upcoming new 50 gal tank (I
started small with a laterite based, CO2 augmented 7 
	>gal). However, the commercially available models all seem to
require compromises. No cables that I can find are low 
	>voltage; all are 120V. I believe (I may be wrong) that a low votage
model would be safer. Pet Warehouse carries a 
	>grounded (three prong) model but does not appear to come with a
thermostat. M3's can be fitted with a thermostat but 
	>I cannot tell whether it is a 3 pronger. Can you share what you
have discovered? TIA Chin See Ming

I had the same reservations on using 120 VAC cables.  I did end up with the
M3 (AZOO)  cables.  I was very pleased with their construction and
everything is included to install them in your tank.  I already had a GFCI
circuit for all of my tanks and ground probes.  The power cord is short so
you will need an extension cord.  You will also need a timer or a thermostat
to control the cables.

The M3 cable is NOT a 3-pronger.  But you should have a ground probe anyway.
I recall that Ivo has commented on this topic previously.

BTW low voltage setups have their own issues. (Cost is a very big one!)  I'm
not sure they are necessarily any safer and you need to use common safety
precautions ANY TIME you mix water and electricity.

If you're like me you already have tube heaters, power heads, etc in your
tanks that run on 120 VAC.  These cables are better construction than some
of those other devices.  And the price is right.

Lyndle Schenck