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Sand (was RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #823)

Hello Ivo:

You mentioned that you are planning to install substrate cables.  Might I 
inquire what cables you are thinking of using?  I too would like to use 
cables in my upcoming new 50 gal tank (I started small with a laterite 
based, CO2 augmented 7 gal).  However, the commercially available models all 
seem to require compromises.

No cables that I can find are low voltage; all are 120V.  I believe (I may 
be wrong) that a low votage model would be safer.

Pet Warehouse carries a grounded (three prong) model but does not appear to 
come with a thermostat.  M3's can be fitted with a thermostat but I cannot 
tell whether it is a 3 pronger.

Can you share what you have discovered?

Chin See Ming
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