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re: Sand (was RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #823)


I have had my sand/peat/gravel/Red Art clay (a fine
powdered clay) going for 3.5 years without any
compaction problems.  The top layer (1/4in.) is
gravel, the middle layer (1/2in.) is silica sand, and
the lower  layer is (3in.) of a sand/peat/gravel/clay
mixture.  I have seen no anoxic areas.  Additionally
my E. tenellus grows just fine, actually like a weed. 
The sand layer does a great job of keeping the fine
clay out of the water column.  I do not have heating
cables, I feel they are unnecessary for long term
stability.  I occassionally, about once every 6
months, add fertilizer spikes to the substrate.


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