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re: Aquascaping Odd-Shaped Tanks

Hi Chrys,
I have recently set up a 54 gal corner tank that is my initial entry into
the wonderful world of Aquatic Gardening. You can see it if you go to:
Scroll down past my Victorian Terrarium and you will see how a corner tank
was ideal for my application. Using a great piece of driftwood and plants
supplied by Ron Barter, I am pleased with the way it is shaping up.
The 54 gal tank is 27 inches on each side, 38 inches across the bowed front
and 22 inches high..
I find that it is quite big enough to build an underwater landscape. Check
out some of the beautiful tanks that Takashi Amano illustrates in his book
"Aquarium Plant Paradise" ISBN 0-7938-0518-X None of them are more than 60
cm long.
 You do need a long arm to reach back to a plant in the corner. A large pair
of tweezers are an asset. My LFS proprieter tells me he sells more of the 90
gal corner tanks. I don't know the dimensions of the bigger tank.

Hope this helps
Bill Westbrook
Ottawa (where we are celebrating our annual Winterlude Festival with ice
sculptures, tons of snow and a 7 mile long skating rink.)

>      I've been thinking this over, and lo, the LFS has some nifty 90
> gallon "corner" tanks.  So assuming I rent a place in the ground
> floor, or with strong floors, this could be a real space saving item.
> I've also seen some slightly smaller "59" gallon versions.
>     Has anyone here tried to aquascape on of these "corner" shaped
> tanks?  Would it be hard to keep the scene from just looking
> uncluttered?  Or would the added depth in the middle be a boon?
> What about the shallower depth on the sides of the front?  Does
> anyone have links to photos online of aquascaped or planted tanks
> with these "corner" trianglular shapes?