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Metal Halide - can you have too much light ?

Hi everyone..

After working out that within 12 months of use a metal halide will be
cheaper and more effective to run then the fluro system I was goign to

My question to you is can you have too much light ?  My tank is 200 Litres
and is a 3ft tank and the metal halides I can get are 175 watt or 250 watt
for exactly the same price ? Will the 250 watt be overkill and are there ill
effects from having heaps of light ?  What should I do get the 250w or 175w
(I dont think I'll get either till ive done some more research and heard you

Another concern of mine is its from a hydroponics shop and the tubes they
come with are rated at 6200K.. is this ok for planted aquarium or do I want
to try and see if I can find something closer to 5000 K ?

Looking foward to your responses and cant wait to have that metal halide
setup when I reach a knowledgable decision :)

Thanks a lot

Jon Hammond
Perth, Western Australia