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aquaacaping odd-shaped tanks?

I have a new topic for the list.(at least I've not seen it yet in my 
    I know that within the next few years I'll have to get a larger tank.  
between wanting one, and knowing the clown loaches will grow, it'll 
happen someday.  I'm currently finishing college, and then I should 
be in grad school.  So, when I buy this hypothetical bigger tank 
later, I'll most likely be renting an apartment.  This can make space 
for large tanks tight.
     I've been thinking this over, and lo, the LFS has some nifty 90 
gallon "corner" tanks.  So assuming I rent a place in the ground 
floor, or with strong floors, this could be a real space saving item. 
I've also seen some slightly smaller "59" gallon versions.
    Has anyone here tried to aquascape on of these "corner" shaped 
tanks?  Would it be hard to keep the scene from just looking 
uncluttered?  Or would the added depth in the middle be a boon?  
What about the shallower depth on the sides of the front?  Does 
anyone have links to photos online of aquascaped or planted tanks 
with these "corner" trianglular shapes?
     Ok, that's enough of that I think.  I hope to be deluged with ideas 
and links!

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