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Re: Very small tank and CF lighting

I have had good luck with a similar size tank (2.5g) with a similar amount 
of light (an 8 watt T5 tube). I am only using T5 lamps on those tanks, 
although most of the CF lights are T5 size tubes too and I would assume 
produce similar light output per unit of tube length. I am using 5000K lamps.

I am growing only non-demanding plants in the tanks though -- hornwort and 
java fern mostly. The hornwort is *very* happy, but it's not too hard to 
keep hornwort happy :-)

BTW, when figuring watts/gallon use the actual wattage of the lamp (9w) and 
NOT the "equivalent" wattage.


>I just made a light for my girlfriends 11 liter tank.  Its a compact
>flourescent which is rated at 9W and says it puts out 40W of equivalent
>light.  It is the style of CF which just fits into a bayonet globe fitting
>and does not need a ballast etc.  Its rated at 5000k too.  I was wandering
>is this bulb goign to be able to grow plants and is it enough light ?
>Jon Hammond
>Perth, Western Australia