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RE: Plywood for tank stand tops

I used marine grade plywood the first time. The last time, I decided it was
not supposed to get wet (and I was going to paint it anyway) and used
exterior grade plywood. They seem functionally equivalent for this

As someone else mentioned, you don't really need to put a top sheet on the
stand. I did it for two reasons. It adds a little structural integrity to
the stand and it may help minimize a disaster. When my old 225 gallon tank
blew a seal on the inside of the lower frame, it filled the whole area under
the tank (and above the plywood) with water. I'm not sure how long it held,
but after a while, the water found a way out and started emptying the tank
into the living room.

The new top has a couple holes in the plywood that are directly above the
sumps, so if something like that happens again, I may get some warning
before the flood.:)

Jon Wilson