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Re: Rotala indica

Tomoko asks:
> Are their colors supposed to be this variable?

Looking closely at my Rotala indica, I notice a lot of color variation on the 
same plants.  Some parts of the plant have reddish tops, others olive green, 
others a pink hue.  It's probably just the plant responding to specific 
nutrients that existed in the tank when those particular leaves were formed.  
Since I dose my iron and micronutrients about once a week, the iron levels 
range from 0.25 mg/L down to 0.1 mg/L, at which time I add more iron and 
micronutrients.  I suspect I would get more uniform colors and shadings if I 
dosed more frequently in smaller doses.  However, I like the variety of color 
I'm getting now, so see no particular need to change.

>  I thought they grew pretty
>  upright.  At least the pictures I saw showed upright growth.  Is the 
>  spread due to a nutrient deficiency or is this their normal growing 

I don't think it's abnormal.  My Rotala grows to a height of about 8" to 9" 
(20-25 cm), and then droops over as you describe.  It creates a thick mat of 
Rotala, with growth winding in different directions.  Again, I like this 
effect, so don't worry about changing it.  I think it's normal.  Since you 
have provided your email address, I'll send you some pictures of my Rotala, 
as well as the other plants around it.