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re: Meq/L, Adding Nitrate, phosphate.....

<"You chemical wizards you,

One thing I have yet to find is a table that says
to add 5 or 10 ppm of nitrate, I need to add
X Grams of Potassium Nitrate.

Has anyone ever taken the time to build a table
based on the S&C paper that says to add:

- INCREMENTAL 5 ppm of nitrate per 10 gal, add 
x grams of KNO3 (which also adds X ppm of K),

- INCREMENTAL .5 (or even .25) ppm of phosphate 
per 10 gal, add x grams of PO4,

- INCREMENTAL 10 ppm of K per 10 gal, add x grams
of K2SO4 (and if KNO3 was added, remember to add
this to the incremental K from the KNO3).

- INCREMENTAL .5 ppm of %Fe mix per 10 gal, add
x Grams of the %Fe mix.

Also, we should all remember these are incremental
value (added to existing tank values)so we don't 
overshoot the mark.

If someone could put this together, and we could
post it on the krib (or elsewhere convienent and 
please keep it simple, add the math
as part of the follow-on for those who want to know
how its done) it would be very useful.

Some of us have not done any chemistry addition since
high-school (and some of us have never done it).

Thanks in Advance.

- Jeff">

Jeff - I think Chuck Gadd is working on this at his
website (http://www.csd.net/~cgadd/aqua/) look in the
article section on dosing KNO3.


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