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Fan Saga continues

I know most people are probably tired of this thread, but
I wanted to warn you.  Just because you can find a catalog
that has a quiet cooling fan in it, that does not mean that
you will ever hold one in your hands.

I ordered two dc fans from www.digikey.com this week,
part number 259-1023-ND.  These are 18.5 decibel fans.
They actually sent me part number 259-1075-ND.  These
are a noticibly loader 22 decibels, but they are four bucks
cheaper and move twice as much air.  I'm keeping them,
but I'm not completely happy

They didn't bother to explain, but they did send me a signed
form that said "The components included in the above shipment
are in accordance with the requirements, specifications, and/or
drawings as applicable to this order".  I feel better already.

Somebody on the list pointed out the 15 decibel AC fan sold
by www.jameco.com.  Great.  I ordered two of them.

These are part number 118965.  They sent me an invoice with
the fans that SAID they sent me 118965, but they didn't.  What
they sent was part number 106585, same size and type of fan,
but a whopping 35 DECIBELS.  This is the difference between
a whisper and a jet engine at idle.

Even though the invoice says "30 day money back guarantee" the
first guy I talked to acted like he wasn't born yesterday and
was on to my tricks.  Took me two calls and a considerable
spike in blood pressure to get them to promise my money

Thanks for your patience,