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Newbie with Q's?

Hey everybody.

I have been a lurker to this list for a while, and I am finally getting a 
tank set up.  I thought I would post my plans for anybody to critique, and I 
have a couple of specific questions to ask at the end.

I plan on setting up a 30 gallon long tank.  I plan to use a 175W metal 
halide suspended above the tank to allow the plants to grow emersed.  Right 
now, the bulb will be 4300K.  When replaced, it will be changed to a 5500K.  
This lighting setup will be used because I already have most of the 
components in my "junk box".

Substrate will be laterite and sand. Filtration will be a small canister 
filter, probably a Marineland 220.

I plan on DIY'ing a CO2 system.  This is the area where I could use the most 
advice.  I plan on using a Harbor Freight regulator on a welding CO2 tank.  
As of this writing, their page is down, but the link I have for the 
regulator is:


Is this regulator appropriate for the situation?  Would I need any adapters? 
  I would like to set this up as an automated system and would like to use 
the Milwaukee controller pictured at:


(TSSMS125 pH/ORP Controller)
Is this a reliable unit?  Does it include the probe and calibrating 
solutions?  I will also need a needle valve, a solenoid, and a check valve.  
Any suggestions, preferably reasonably priced?  I am willing to spend money 
on reliable equipment, but I like to buy groceries, too  :)

Anyway, thanks for sticking with me through this mental ramble, and thanks 
in advance for any comments/critiques you care to pass on.

David Zitnik

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