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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #817 Dark Riccia

I too have several rocks, starting at the front of my tank and reaching
toward the back and top, that are covered with Riccia. Mine pearl each and
every day and have so for several months. I too however have  noticed that
after a long while the dark green form begins to crop up in the fluorite and
I have to agree with others, it is not an attractive addition, as a matter
of fact it can be somewhat of a nuisance. I am almost certain the it is not
a diff. strain. It just seems to happen as the Riccia begins to age. As for
attaching itself, I have never observed any root like structures, but as I
remove it from time to time by grabbing a strand with tongs at the bottom,
often pieces of fluorite will hang on to pieces as I pull it out of the
tank. Almost as if it is somehow glued to the Riccia. I'm still not how this
can happen however.