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back to the fans

Sorry to be running this into the ground, but now that I've got the hood assembled, the bulbs in it, and the fans together (but not wired or installed) I'm wondering if this is all really necessary (although last week I seemed to think it was).  Just how much heat is detrimental?  I mean, I don't have anything fancy (as much as I would like AHS lighting, I can't yet afford it).  I just have four 40 watt bulbs over a 48" tank, and the back of my home-made hood is open (for hose, and potentially fans).  I can easily put my hand in there, and while it feels warm between the glass and the bulbs, it isn't exactly hot.  I can put my hand on the bulbs and not burn myself after twelve hours use.  Is it really necessary that I cool this?  Assume that I have the cooling all rigged up and ready (I don't, but assume so, since it will not be difficult now that I think I know what to do), do I really need to put it on the hood?  I've not gotten this tank set up, so I don't even have a heater or
thermometer in it yet to tell if the lights affect the temperature (though they probably do to some extent), but would it be necessary to cool the lights any?  Maybe if I had more expensive lighting the answer would be yes, but with the cheap route I've taken, do I need the ventillation?

Thanks in advance,
Cameron Case