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re: sinking riccia

I have a rather large mat of foreground riccia in my
55g.  It started as the bright green riccia we are all
familiar with.  At this date, some 9 months after I
started the riccia foreground, I would say it is 50/50
bright and dark riccia.

This has happened because when trimming the riccia,
the bright riccia floats to the top, where it is taken
out.  The dark green riccia stays at the bottom and
proceeds to multiply.  Now how I got this dark riccia
is still a mystery to me.  It was either a
contaminant, or it is a morph of the bright riccia.  I
have seen strands of riccia, with what appears to be
bright and dark riccia connected by a dead strand.  If
true, then the morph theory is more likely correct. 
That is my current guess.

In my 75g I have a large mat of java moss cascading
over and down a large rock.  The dark riccia has found
its way into the java moss, and due to its dark color
is somewhat camoflauged, but not enough to not
irritate me as I take on the impossible task of
weeding it out.  I doubt that you would be happy with
this plant.

Whether this dark riccia is really another species can
only be settled by DNA analysis, in my opinion.  But
like has already been mentioned, the question is not a
very intriguing one.  The riccia is here, and it is a pain.

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