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Re: Eclipse packaging

"Matt" <marius1 at gate_net> wrote:
> Subject: Eclipse Packaging.
> Just thought I'd share an interesting observation with everyone.  Yesterday,
> when I went to buy some filter inserts for the 25 gallon Eclipse setup I got
> my girlfriend for her birthday last year, I happened to notice a stack of
> Eclipse System Twelves sitting on a sale display.  I noted the tank
> portrayed on the front of the box was a little... off, somehow.  In the
> tank, they have a lot of plants, by all standards, but then I noticed the
> real problem.  They have about 65 inches of (visible) fish in that tank!!
> Anyone think that's just a *little* high for a twelve gallon setup?  :)

Matt, It's like most other advertising, there to catch your eye. I've 
never seen a Burger King Whopper as appealing as the close-up 
TV advertisement. I've noticed lots of aquarium-related products 
have hard-to-believe photos associated with them. The laterites and 
substrate products have the prettiest planted tanks, packed full of 
algae-free, luscious plants pictured on them, clear water and all. 
The fake plant packages have photos of plants you'd swear were 
real. The packaged aquarium kits have those "nearly perfect" 
pictures all over the box, showing lots of plants and fish living  
together in what looks like fish soup. Go figure. At least _we_ know 

Jamie    <"\\\><