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Re: Nesaea & softwater

>> Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 16:17:07 -0800
>> From: "btpmsi" <btpmsi at email_msn.com>
>> Ok, I give.  What's the trick for success with this plant??? Mine just sits
>> there!! :O(
> The link www.aquaplant.org?Nesaea_crassicaulis can bing you to Dennerles and
> Tropicas pages about N. crassicaulis. Basically it is a difficult plant that
> needs very high levels of light, soft water, and it should not be planted to
> close.

A similar plant is Veronica anagallis-aquatica. Most anyone will find it
much easier to deal with. N. pedicillata is the best of the genera for
planted tanks IMO. I'd tell folks to stay away from the other 2
species......  very hard in the long term to maintain.

I will disagree with the soft water comments if CO2 is added in every case.
This is a myth that needs to be killed, hog-tied and left for dead on this
list or any other.

 If that's the case I should have lots of trouble growing all kinds of
plants. I do not. My tap is truly rock hard. I do quite well with Nesaea.
All the species branch extensively so that would more a reason for not
planting too close to one another but they do make a nice thicket as they
grow out. I have not found a single plant to date that requires this "soft
water". I've had quite a number of different plants. I lost count after two
hundred species/types a few years ago:) Look elsewhere if you have problems
and like to blame your hard water.
Tom Barr