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Re:*Stinking Riccia

> There has been two or three references in the list lately from people who
> say they have dark, "sinking" riccia. I seem to remember some discussion on
> this months ago that Tropica had possibly discovered a new specie of riccia
> but had not classified it yet?

No, they reversed themselves on it according to Karen Randall. Now it seem
we are back to a mutant variation of the original. Two forms of the same
plant. The arguments for both types of ID's are founded to a certain degree.

 I had said it was a mutant a number of years ago then Claus, Karen and
Baensch vol 2 said otherwise, then I guess they decided it was back to a
mutant again. Bryophytes and Mosses are hard to ID to say the least. Aquatic
plants in general for that matter!

 I would not get to hung up on whether it's this or that species. Relax and
enjoy the plant. As far as a concept of a "species" things are not at all

> Am I remembering correctly? Now some of the
> serious collectors out here, particularly members of the SF club I know can
> somehow get their hands on all sorts of weird plants from who knows
> where...but I have a hard time believing that people are commonly finding
> this specie...can someone tell me what it is you have..what specie of
> Riccia? Riccia what, and where did you get it?  There has also been some
> argument in the past as to if regular every day riccia will adhere
> itself...(I dont care what anybody says, Riccia floats!) but assuming people
> lately are talking about some other specie of Riccia, I would be real
> interested in getting more information on what exactly you have!

Riccia, first off, does not attach.
You may reference rhizoids till your blue but it is not going to happen with
Riccia in your tank or mine. It will get entangled in hairgrass, moss etc.
I've grown it in terrariums to see if the land types might do this but have
not found this to be true in any cultivation attempts to date nor ever seen
any evidence to that extent.
The sinking, I call it stinking, form is an difficult plant to get rid of to
say the least. All my Riccia came from Albany Aquarium some 8 years ago or
something like that. It got all weird when I cranked up the lighting on it
and started sinking and turning dark.
It was fun...at first. It pearls a tiny bit but nothing like the floating
type which is much nicer in work with and see.
If your trying to get out of tying it down to get a nice pearling
rock/branch etc the sinking stuff is not very appealing. It's better than
algae in some ways(at least I can get rid of algae). Careful what you wish

As far "finding it", all you need to do is add loads of light and CO2 and
all the basic high light things on regular Riccia and you will start getting
some dark green stuff all on your own. I don't know of anyone that sells it
except Neil and I for awhile there but I stopped since it's such a weed. It
typically comes fused in with the hairgrass mats I sell off every now and
Tom Barr