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Re: DIY CO2 Doh!

I did something similar but I am not exactly sure why it happened.  I was using the jello DIY mixture.  I had bought some cherry jello since it was christmas time and would be nice and festive.  For some reason the reaction just went nuts while I was gone at work.  When I got home the bubbles from the reaction had moved all the way out of the bottle, through the tubing, and into the venturi port in the power head.  The
water had a nice pinkish tint to it -- OK it was not nice but I have not made that mistake again.  I think that I had too much water and sugar in the 2 liter bottle.

> Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2001 11:11:14 -0500
> From: "Bill Pabst" <BPabst at Asha_org>
> Subject: DIY CO2  Doh!
> I have to share my unexpected near-disaster:
> I used some fishing line to tie riccia to a flat rock in my 75g plant tank.  For a few weeks it grew as a little bush and looked great, then ambulia shoots and busy fish made it start to come loose.  I wasn't too worried and figured I would clean it up whenever and try something else.
> I have my CO2 line plugged into a hole in the intake tube on a powerhead.  The loose riccia bits got stuck in the grille on the bottom of the tube and cut off the flow.   So, the the powerhead's pull transferred to the CO2 line, and collapsed my two 3 liter plastic bottle DIY reactors.  Fortunately I caught it before too much gunk got in the tank, but it was quite disturbing to come home and find the crushed bottles.
> Bill


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